On November 11th, 2012, it was a very sad day to see the 97 Eagle Talon TSI AWD being towed away. I just sold it to a person for a parts cars, so its life was over, just like my dream. Not being able to work on it because of my medical problems was very hard on me. I thought I would never see it again. When the new owner came over about a month later to pick up some parts, he told me that he was planning on building the car up, instead of just using it as a parts car. The new owner is a part owner of a shop in Denver called Local Customs. After thinking about it and talking with my wife for a month, we decide we wanted to have the car finished by the Local Customs shop. This is after getting references and checking out the shop. Since I had all the remaining parts, I was a good fit for the project.

After sitting down with Local Customs, we created a plan and a budget for the car, and it is going to be sweet. The wide body kit install is going to be completed. All exterior body work is going to be completed to a high detail finish, since the paint will be glossy black with red high lights. Glossy black shows all the imperfections, so the body work basically has to be perfect. The interior will be completely re-done in black leather and suede, with red leather/suede highlights to match the exterior. The stitching will be double stitched in red thread. A small sound system will also be installed. The front bumper will be OEM with a lip, and the back bumper will be a new Extreme Dimension rear bumper. The hood is fiberglass and will match the front bumper and lip.

The engine is going to be a beast. It is going to be a high compression 6-Bolt 4G63 engine that runs on E-85. The bottom end will easily hold 1,000hp and more. The crank will be an Eagle stroker crank, MAP’s Howards Billet rods, and Wiseco 1400HD stroker pistons with 9.5 compression. Since I had some money from Christmas, I wanted to get a built head. The ‘nasty’ head from Force Engineering was a perfect fit. The head will have a stage 3 port job, +1mm oversize valves, Kiggly Beehive springs and HLA, and be completely rebuilt. Since the engine and head will be built, I can easily throw bigger and bigger turbos at it in the future if needed, and have no worries. I wanted to get it done right the first time. Then I will be using Forced Performance FP3X cams, that are made for strokers and high duty springs. Since it will be mainly a street car, one of the main goals is to get the turbo to spool up as fast as possible. So the stroker, head, and cams will make that happen.

They are going to be a ton of other supporting mods. I am going to be using my BEP S258 ETT turbo, which might be upgraded to a S259 billet wheel for better spool up and higher flow. I am shooting for 550hp in the high altitude of Denver. With the turbo, E-85, cams, head, high compression, and a good tune, it should not be a problem. Anything higher would be awesome. Turbo will be in a DSM housing and have an external Tial waste gate. Brand new 3” exhaust system and downpipe. There are going to be a dual pump hanger to feed all the E-85 to the engine with -8an lines. E-85 is less energy dense, so more fuel is needed for the same horsepower if pump gas was being used. Also some suspension work. I am missing a ton of other things, but will document them later.    

I will be getting my www.6bolt.com web page back up and running to document this car. After the incurable cancer, horrible chronic pain, and unrelenting chronic fatigue, this will be a dream come true to see this car done. Until the webpage is back up and running, here are some pictures of the car so far. The interior has been stripped and the wide body install is being completed. The gas door was nicely molded to fit with the flow of the lines of the car. The lines of the car are amazing with the wide body kit. It makes it feel like a Ferrari and a DSM had a baby. I will try to update regularly, but with my health, it is no guarantee.



I got my head back from Force Engineering. Here are some pictures of the head. Later I will have pictures of each cylinder.


Cylinder #1

Cylinder #2

Cylinder #3

Cylinder #4